boredom bore wisdom

While I’m extremely bored in class i think up of weird ideas which I sometimes find quite brilliant.

1. Happiness is defined by familiarity, if you grew up in that environment, you are satisfied with it because you haven’t seen anything different (assuming you haven’t).

2. Love is a state of mind. Once you experience a paradigm shift it is no longer( so for those love birds, don’t think of anything else).

Enough for now, and if you disagree that’s ok. I like people with their own opinions and thoughts and don’t just node at whatever I say(and you can comment).


2 thoughts on “boredom bore wisdom

  1. if “happiness” is “defined” by familiarity, then “happiness” is limited to the sense of security – it isn’t for those who are audatious nor adventurous, it’s merely for those who are self-satisfied.

    what about the pleasure and excitement perceived during the process of venturing into foreign grounds?

    i do like the idea of love birds. lol once they start to think of something else other than their significant other, or even when they start to think, they aren’t love sick anymore.

  2. irugnotmis , i totally see wat u mean and i believe in that too. Now i realized that the idea was a little bit bias. I think that day was the day my English class was going on about authors trying to create an utopian society or readings of unpleasant societies. I just got sick of them critising the societies in the stories because they characters don’t see anything wrong.

    And thank you for the insightful comment. it’s the first one!

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