Urban Disaster

As we all know there has been a tragic earthquake in Sichuan, China, and officials say the more they go through the rubble the more the uncover more lifeless bodies. This makes all of us wonder, since all the buillings collapsed onto those children in school, people in hospitals and families in there homes, what good is it to live in a urban city where all you see is concrete buildings. If there wasn’t so many apartments and sky-scrappers maybe half of those lives would have been prevented.

When I go through all those photos of limp lifeless bodies, my heart just wrench with pain, to see all those mothers bawling over there child. The child that they made breakfast for in the morning, and helped with homework the night before. Those children that perished were probably all only-child of the family, even if the city rebuilds the roads and housing, no one could ever repair those mothers’ lost.

The turn of the century did brought us technology and better living conditions, but what about the harm. After reading an article on the incident I released we have lost so much because of these advancements.

My heart goes out for those survivors and families still in search for their relatives and friends. I hope everything will slowly recover.


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