What should we go with our hopeful selves.

Do we really need to go to a prestigious university to come up on top?

That was I question that I had since i realized one day i would need to go to an university. i said to myself, who do I want to be in the future? My answer was someone who is smart, well-off, and leads an eccentric life. So to try to put a focus on my goal i looked for people who seem to have a little more than that. I read a few entrepreneurs biography and came up with a conclusion: all of them come from the top ten schools of the world and have a powerful circle of friends. My family is not rich enough to send me to Harvard or Yale, and I don’t have the grades to even get in. Of course, people always say, anything can happen if you try and the university name is only a small part of it, but is that really true? Can we actually believe that? Obviously not everyone is going to be the riches man/woman on Earth or be close to that, but to try to get there might be a good goal. This is what Maslow calls self-actualization, pursuing the best you can possibly be. 

If you can get into those elite circles there is a higher chance of becoming successful because your contacts will be too. Success can just rub off on you. The people you know would be your future coworkers and business partners, so yes the school does matter a lot.

I thought about the tragic truth that I will never be as famous or powerful as others we have gone to Princeton or Oxford, but maybe a slight influence upon a group of friends or family members( like what we should eat for dinner). At least everything works out, whoppy.  But of course if any of you out there can get into those prestigious schools go right ahead, we congratulate you, because it always helps to be in there than not.

To end on a bright note lets all try really hard, work our guts out and run toward the bright future….-.-“


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