Partners or Friends

Recently I had to do a case study for my Marketing class(sounds fun he?), and i finally got to be partners with a friend. We always wanted to be partners a project but because we were in different classes, it was hard. Finally the day comes and in the beginning we laugh and chat while trying to get the project done. I was trying very hard to be helpful and came up with most of the case study. It was about customer service and how the salesperson totally lied to a lady because she had no idea where the product was. Anyway, i felt pretty good about it and was proud to add two questions and answered them thoroughly. I send it to her, and lone behold she says her mom read it and it sucks. We were both previously very confident over our 300 word masterpiece and this ex-business woman comes over and says it sucks. I held back my pride and very calming typed back to her on msn to ask what was the problem, she said her mom  thinks its not lying and that she changed the second half of the case study. That wasn’t all, my two lovely insightful questions was changed, since she changed the case study.

It began with me doing most of the work to getting it all erased and yet it still hangs my name. I am not sure if I should take this as my lucky day or another day wasted on unused work. All our anticipation of working together ended quite sloppily(if that is a word). Maybe it’s because i try to hard, or we both try to hard. I understand we both have very high expectations of ourselves, but i think i was pretty easy-going on this one. Maybe we should just stay friends and remember to never work together.


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