Things that Annoy the Crap out of Me

RANTS  Ranting is easy and fun, helps relieve some of the stressed nicely delivered to you everyday. However rants are always extremely negative. Why can’t we focus and more positive things. And just as I am saying rants are evil, I am doing a rant. How iconic. I blame rants on youtube. People just rant on and on, then they get famous, because twelve billion other people also hate the same thing. I am not saying i don’t watch them, I do, I am a total fan of those vlogs.

THE WORD VLOG Why does it have to be called vlogs. It sounds so gross. Like someone was about to say log but then had to run to the toilet because they are about to vomit. 

TAKING THINGS TO SERIOUSLY Some people just live their life way to miniaturely serious. “OMG, my banana turned black!!!! ahhhh god hates me” -.- I just wish i can give them a piece of my fist everytime they do that. There are way more important things than if a bird chose you as a target.


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