A Stroll with Fred

The cat is trying to get out again. Baker is scratching the door furiously.  That would only leave more fiber chips to the already growing mound of scratched off plastic. “Baker, come here” my voice crack into a lower squeal. Darn, the left leg isn’t working again. Have to go for another walk with the replacement robotic leg. This one actually looks like my own leg and the material is not too heavy.

The metal doors clamp close. I always like this feeling of free falling for half a millisecond. I hope next year my old heart can still withstand all these zooms up and down this home.  “Good afternoon Fred”, Chloe announced. This is the only advantage to this complex, Chloe sounds like a Chloe unlike those elevators which are called Patrick but sounds like a Chloe.  The foyer was empty; most of the residents are taking naps or Skyping with their grandchildren. It is only two decades ago that people lived together, then the apartments started shrinking and more and more people wanted their own harmony bubbles. Sure divorce rates are down, but what’s the use of marriage if the only relationship you have is the status on Facebook. I will never know. I never entered one, since I can’t seem to pass level five on the dating trivia. I am sure those early-wedders hacked the system.

I love the open space. It’s so rare to find areas like here in the world. The patrol cruisers are out today, maybe they will be kind enough to give me a lift home later. The punks are out again fouling around with the rotating interactive ads. They always spin the ads on the touch screens until some toddler watching throws up. Why doesn’t the patrols every stop those, what is the new street term? Wuppers, that is the new name for punks. The name makes no sense, but who am I to judge I can’t even wear my pants high enough to be considered as a working adult. Who knew times would change this much and start the trend of high chest-pants. My low-rises can’t seem to match up to this modern cool, or what they call wup.

They are a new couple, you can feel the heat venting from their handsets. No one messages this much unless they are the new king and queen of the dating trivia. My handset never had the chance to vent that much.  Whoosh, a cargo vehicle passes by. It gives off a nice scent of new velvet bumper.  I want to feel one. Maybe I should walk out and get hit. It will not hurt, since the velvet bumper would catch you like those couches we had in the olden days. Don’t have much of those around except in antique abandoned houses.  They are said to be infected with microscopic insects, which can irritate the skin.

The robot leg is flexing too fast now. My joints are starting to hurt. Where are the patrol cruisers when you need them? Darn those children. I better turn back. The leg is locking now, going into overdrive again. That doctor never fixed the problem. Might as well sit here and feel the breeze for a while. Some patrol cruiser can come and fetch me when they locate me on their EGPSAS. I wonder if the electric feeder fed Baker.


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