Please Save Eugene Park!

This is the same song performed last October


This is Eugene Park, a former violin prodigy. His management company confined and abused him turning him into that state. Supposedly his former manager kept him in a police station for ten months, because the company had connections with the police.  His former manager wouldn’t give him his priced violin back and so he was forced to perform at small events.

Anyone can clearly see in the second version of the song he was completely offbeat and abruptly stopped at many parts of the song.  I am a music lover. I have soft spot for the violin, and to see this awesome violinist be ruined makes my heart ache.

Please read more about his tragic story from this letter:

And for more detailed information:

No human should be treated this way, far less a musical genius. The management company abused his unstable health to make mere profits. This is inhumane and totally disturbing. They have just destroyed a prodigy and a life. I sincerely hope Eugene recovers.  I hope one day we can all see the old Eugene perform on his deserved stage.


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