Update on Eugene Park

Eugene Park recently had an interview with Entertainment News.

Allkpop has the video and the translations:


After watching the video I am a little skeptical about this scandal. He does not seem to be ask traumatized as in his other videos. I don’t understand Korean, but watching and reading the translations it feels like the situation wasn’t as bad as what was presumed to be. He said he didnt’ get paid. I have a theory that maybe he wasn’t getting paid and forced to perform, so he pretended to act like that in his performances to garner attention. I know this sounds very cruel, but I dont’ trust the entertainment industry at all, especially in Korea. But watching the videos he seems to be a completely competent adult, maybe he has recovered already. I hope he has recovered, so he can perform again on a bigger stage.

What really happened? I hope we find out soon.


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