Queen and The Crows

Good Points: Charlize Theron

Bad Points: I really really really want to love this film just because of Charlize, but left the theatre feeling like the movie never left the trailer.

The movie had great cinematography, beautiful sceneries and gorgeous gowns for the Queen. Some of their efforts went to waste such as the bird skull gown which no one noticed or the rats swimming in the sewer water which you couldn’t see because it was so dark.

I walked into the theatre trying hard to love Kristen Stewart, and I can now say I don’t hate her. Her face was not as blank as one would anticipate, however there were no comfortable smiles, as if she never interacted with society and never learned the proper facial expressions. Her two front teeth stole the show. I thought it was somewhat strange why anyone would cast someone so uncomfortable with herself to be the heroic snow white and later I read they had wanted to cast someone less known however when the word got out Kristen Stewart was casted they couldn’t cast anyone else.

Huntsman was a wet Thor with an axe. Dwarves were cute and charming. The noblemen all looked the same. Brother was not bad. William was sort of pretty. Shattering army kind of cool, could have had more screen time.

Plot does not completely follow the story, which I was fine with but some plot points were ridiculous. The ending battle between snow white and the Queen left me at WHAT THE FUCK.

Charlize Theron didn’t have a lot of screen time however the scenes she did grace was exquisite. Her face and eyes told more stories than the entire movie. Her eyes themselves told an entire background story. It hurt me to see her die.

If you have money to waste, watch it in AVX for the lovely Charlize. If you are not a Charlize fan, then go waste the money on a popcorn and snuggle up to the children book.




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