People we meet

I ordered my usual MochaChillo and put my massive bag down at a table. Waiting for my drink by the counter, I stood and watched a few seconds of Euro Soccer. When I returned to my seat, the frosty-haired man beside me leaned over and asked if I watched soccer. I said not much, he said  “I saw you watching the game when you were waiting for your drink”. He explained the match and that the German Chancellor was there as well. He said he was an old German and was very happy Germany was winning. He said he use to watch the games with his wife, and that she only liked soccer because her brothers were into soccer.


It was as though the Pacific Ocean was poured over the city. After getting off the Granville bus I stood waiting for the light to change. A girl in front of me was using her Forever 21 bag to shield the rain. I asked “do you want to share my umbrella?” She gladly accepted. I learned she was a French student studying English here in a 2 month program. I told her it was a very Vancouver day and that tomorrow will be good weather.


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