Meet Mentor Ms.Choppity-Chop-Chop

Today I met with my EMP mentor for the first time. Her office was on the 12th floor of a 22 story building. Upon landing at the 12th floor I was encountered by a secure metal door with a small window view to the receptionist desk. On the door was a sign warning you of potential surveillance and search warrants. I was buzzed in by the receptionist, signed in and handled a visitors badge and emergency situation pamphlet.

My mentor lead me into another office section with more security locked doors. While her minions worked in dim condensed cubicles, her office was spacious and had a 2 wall view of the downtown landscape. To defy conditions of nature, my glasses fogged up and I sat awkwardly for the first few minutes behind blurry vision.

She spoke of her responsibilities and the resources and people she was overseeing. She oversees the oil refineries and all the retail locations around town with 7 division staff and one price marker. In total, she indirectly manages over 300 employees and reports to the director in California. One can see her work at play at any Chevron station simply by looking at the big lit-up price board.

When I was confused about her title, she said no one goes into oil for the title. Life planning and narrow visions are not she recommends. “You are 20!” she said. She emphasized on leadership and leading change. She didn’t mind structure nor formality of layout, the importance is in efficient communication.

Within our one hour meeting, she periodically tapped her keyboard space-bar, but her attention never strayed away from me. At first glance she looked as if she was in her mid-thirties, though she has a 21-year-old son. She was approachable and courteous, yet I felt daunted by her presence. This was a woman who controlled a portion of our oil prices, and the only few with a view on the 12th floor. When Ed said we loss 40 IQ points while speaking in front of a crowd, I probably dropped 50 speaking to her.

Task for next meeting: Find specific areas I want to learn about and bring in information on TLog.


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