You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hello

You: hey

You: r u human?

Stranger: why wouldn’t i be

Stranger: bleep

Stranger: bloop

You: haha

You: i heard robots type pretty fast

Stranger: oh rly

You: like 30wpm

Stranger: it’s called practice

You: u r right

You: so wats up?

Stranger: can a robot listen to techno while typing

You: it can probably type to techno

Stranger: hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm

Stranger: if i had a beard i would stroke it

You: is techno not based on the heartbeat of a robot?

You: u can always stroke ur hair

Stranger: well maybe or is based off the sounds of a robot orgy

You: hmmm

Stranger: i do have nice locks for a guy

You: hope there is a mechanic involved

You: locks?

You: im imagining blonde curls

Stranger: there most likey is for the sake of sanity

Stranger: try red

Stranger: i’m a ginger

You: hahha

You: nice

Stranger: a ginger snap

You: have u got a hold of ur soul?

Stranger: i get a freckle for every soul i steal

You: the dermatologist must hate u



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