What are nectarines?


If it has fur,

it is a peach.


If it doesn’t have fur,

it is a nectarine.


What if a peach lost its fur?

Is it a nectarine?

Or a naked peach?


Why do nectarines appear on peach trees?




Dear twelve,


Take a long look at that waddle.

Take in the energy of that waddle.

Take in the floral summer dress.

Small print, yellow, daisies.


Take in that smile.

Take in those caterpillar eyes.

Take in the crinkle on the nose.

Take in the full set of sparkling teeth.


Next time that waddle will be a tedious shuffle.



Dear six,


Dance, until all air has escaped your lungs.

Sing, until meaning mean nothing to words.


Laugh, until the roof echoes of the prior moment.

Tumble, until the room has been removed of all dust.


Eat, until corn bursts at the sight of fire.

Chew, until ice melts at the sight of spoon.


Style, until no hair is dry.

Play, until no head is willing to play anymore.


Next time, that room will be a stranger.


5. Farewell


Thank you for the glances.

It hurts to know they aren’t mine

to keep.

If only I had caught them earlier


I would have held them



Thank you for the never moments.

The lit understanding.


Tonight I shall bid my farewell and hope

tomorrow you won’t be present.

4. Cotton Sheets


Here we are,

forever dwelling, thriving in imaginarium,

building a dream home in the sky,

amongst the clouds, between the cotton sheets,

between the warm snuggles and the pulsing skins,

between the crevices of the neck, the chin,

tucked in pass the wee hours,

chill warmed against the body,

trails of possibilities, pursuit of none.